Thanksgiving Pumpkin Turkey – Table Decoration

new pumpkin

For this Thanksgiving, I decided to carve a Thanksgiving Pumpkin Turkey!  I had a lot of fun doing it, but this little guy took me all day to do.  I also decided to make a video and incorporate the Thanksgiving pumpkin into the Thanksgiving table decorations.  With the help of my wife decorating skills, it all came out very nicely.

The great thing about carving pumpkins is that whatever you come up with at that very moment is your very own idea, and whether it works or not, no one can take that from you!  It’s yours and you made it work one way or another.  One of the main comments I get from people is that I must have a lot of patience to carve these pumpkins, because they sure don’t have the patience to carry the pumpkin carving through to the end.  Too much work, some say.  The reality is that, yes, you do have to have patience.  Lots of it!  But the end result pay off outweighs everything else.  The feeling that you get from finishing something that you thought of and that now you are actually looking at the finished product, is truly rewarding.

That’s my recommendation to all of you who wish you could do the same thing, but don’t think you have the patience nor the talent.  To stick it out and actually finish at project you cooked up in your mind, and then sit back and enjoy the awesome feeling of actually bringing to fruition a spark of a thought.

The end result of what originated as a thought...

The end result of what originated as a thought…