R.A.M. Pumpkin Patch

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This weekend I spent it at R.A.M. Pumpkin Patch carving a couple of pumpkins as a sort of demonstration for people to see how I carve my pumpkins.  I have to say that I had a blast and I met a lot of people who were completely mesmerized by the pumpkins I carved.  I give a big thanks to Karen and Ron, her husband, who made me feel like I was some sort of super star artist.  Thank you Karen and Ron!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and I am hoping I’ll have some video to share with you… there was a young film student who was eager to shoot everything to make a nice little video about the event.  Hopefully that will come soon.

I had a lot of questions about the tools I use.  I would direct everyone to the local craft store or Amazon where I purchased all my tools.  If you would like to more about the tools I use, visit the Tools page http://www.paulomachadopumpkins.com/tools

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