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Not knowing what I was doing... this pumpkin was born...

Not knowing what I was doing… this pumpkin was born…

Carving a 3D pumpkin is not hard.  For the most part you just need to start somewhere and see where you end up.  In the photo you see above, you see the first attempt I ever did at carving a 3D pumpkin not knowing what I was doing nor what the outcome would be… this 3D pumpkin carving was born.  And with it everything else you will see in this website.  I hope you enjoy!



This was my second pumpkin I ever carved!  As you can see, I began to add more detail and taking more risks and be bolder with the design.



This was my third attempt at carving.  Even though this 3D pumpkin carving looks simple, it was my attempt at trying to carve Shrek.  I don’t think it even came close but I had a good time trying.  And that’s the key: try to do something and whatever the outcome is ALWAYS try to have fun at it.



I also tried to carve Charlie Brown, which was another failed attempt, but none the less another fun time.



I carved this little guy for Thanksgiving.  This turkey pumpkin carving took me a very long time to finish but I was very proud of the outcome.



This was the first pumpkin I carved this year.  I thought it came out horrible compared to what I had just done with Charlie Brown and the Turkey pumpkin carving.  I was able make a tutorial video out of it which was the best that came out of this pumpkin.  I found this year, the pumpkins have been dry and very stringing making it hard to carve the details that I would like to see.

Here is the video I made:



This pumpkin is proof that perseverance pays off!  This is my most popular pumpkin to date.  I made a video of myself carving this 3D pumpkin and posted in YouTube.  It was very well received, I thought, and to date it holds over 53,000 views:



Sometimes simple is best.  In this case, I tried a simple pumpkin carving design to see how quick I could do it, only to realize that pumpkin took almost just as long as the other pumpkins.  The details around the eye and teeth are the parts that take the longest and since this guy is all eyes and all teeth, you can imagine why it took just as long.




Unfinished!  Yep, I started this guy only to run out of time at around midnight, and since I had to get up early the next morning I left this pumpkin looking like this.  Funny note: my two year old grabbed hold of him before me and carved a big hole on the unfinished side.  I guess he figured he was helping me out!



After I bought and watched Ray Villafane’s tutorial videos, bought the tools he has selling on Amazon, I started to carve these kinds of pumpkins.

Ray Villafane’s YouTube Channel:

Ray Villafane’s Tutorials:

Ray Villafane’s Tools:

Here is the video of me carving this pumpkin:





Here is another example of a pumpkin that was very difficult to carve due to it being dry and stringy.  A pumpkin I call “Bad Pumpkin”.  Again, I made a tutorial video with this bad boy which came out to be a pretty decent video.  Check it out here:



I used a picture I Google it of a zombie to help me come up with a different style of pumpkin carving up to this point.  The results to me speak for themselves.  I believe this to be one of my best works to date.  I also made a video of this pumpkin:



The more I keep carving pumpkins, the more I am able to pick up on certain things that I wasn’t before.  Of course learning the basics from Ray Villafane’s tutorials helped immensely.



Here is another zombie I searched for the picture on Google to help me with ideas to come up with “Zombie Pumpkin”.



This 3D pumpkin carving was suppose to be of some of my own features.  It didn’t quite come out the way I wanted to.  I do like how smooth it came out.



When imagination runs short again I turned to Google and this is my rendition of a Halloween mask picture I came across.



Creative pumpkin carving is probably not for everyone, but definitely can be done by anyone who wishes to spend time learning the basics.  Carving pumpkins follow a few basic steps:  know where the eyes are going to be; knowing where the tip of the nose is going to be.  Simple!

new pumpkin

This Christmas Season I had lots of have fun carving this Holiday Centerpiece that filled everyone with awe and wonder! To carve a holiday centerpiece all you have to do is to have lots of fun and involve your whole family. That way, when you sit there and enjoy the end result, you do it as a family!


3D Pumpkin Carving-5


This is the first of many, I hope, for the year for 2015!  I really have enjoyed the journey I’ve been in as I progressively grow in this art that is 3D pumpkin carving!

And here is the Video:


These pumpkins were carved over the weekend at R.A.M. Farms Pumpkins Patch.  I had a lot of fun and I hope you like these as much as I had carving them!



This was a request for our local county Fair! I had a blast carving it and it was well received!

Here is the Video:

Special 3D Pumpkin Carving
This pumpkin was carved for a Special Needs School in Ceres, Ca! It came out really good and I was super excited to deliver this great pumpkin carving to the kids.

New Pumpkin-Edit

This pumpkin was carved on Halloween eve and it was for a friend who showcased it at his realty company office. It was awesome to come up with a slightly difference pumpkin carving style.




These were the first pumpkins for the 2016 season!  Although, I believe they weren’t the best work I’ve done, these 3D pumpkins gave the jump start needed to get the season moving in the right direction as you will see with the pumpkins that come after.

untitled-3-2-edit untitled-8-edit




















These Pumpkins were carved at the Colusa County Fairgrounds Pumpkin Village!  I was invited to go there for a 3D pumpkin carving demonstration.  I was excited to do so!  Read more about it in the article I wrote about it here.

untitled-17-edit untitled-3-edit untitled-5-edit untitled-14-editThese 3D pumpkins were pumpkins I freely gave away this year.  They might be my best work as well.  Read more about it here.

untitled-2-edit untitled-88-edit





























These next pumpkins are the last of the season.  I created them for the Good Day Sacramento Show.  Ericka came out to interview me at the Keema’s Pumpkin Patch.  It was an awesome day!untitled-5-edit