Season Beginning Announcement


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This season beginning comes with a big announcement!  Read on to learn about what’s next for Paulo Machado Pumpkins.

These were the first pumpkins I carved this season. It was a Sunday morning when I began carving the pumpkin shown on top.  As always, I always think I have more time than I actually do.  I thought I would have time to carve this pumpkin before noon.  At noon I would be heading out to the Turlock R.A.M. Farms Pumpkin Patch to do a live demonstration, the first of the season!  As usual I ran out of time… rushing out the door with a half finished pumpkin on top of my bench.  At the R.A.M Farms Pumpkin Patch things went well there.  My friend JJ helped me film my next video.  The pumpkin carving demo went well, I carved the second pumpkin shown above.  Some people came out and sat there for a few minutes at a time.  I always have a good time doing live pumpkin carving demos.

As this pumpkin carving adventure I am in right now keeps developing, I am starting to really think about where this could go from here.  There are a lot of people who wish they could do what I do and learn how to carve 3D pumpkins.  The reason most of them don’t start is because they have no idea where to start, what kind of tools to use, and how to do some features in the pumpkin.  I believe that I will put together a video tutorial that will teach people to carve pumpkins from the beginning to the end.  I will be working on putting together a series of tutorials from what tools to use to how to pick your perfect pumpkin, even how to carve the perfect eye on your favorite pumpkin carving.  It will take some time but I’ll announce the progress as it goes on.  I am really excited about it and I hope people will jump on this opportunity to learn how to carve 3D pumpkins.

Until then, I will see you soon.

Enjoy the Video:

This video shows how I carved both of the pumpkins the same day on time lapse.

Charity Pumpkin


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Charity Pumpkin is what I called this pumpkin carving.  I carved this pumpkin with the thought in mind to donate it to a special needs school in Ceres, California.  This pumpkin is very special to me for that reason.  Not only that, it also was the first time I carved this variety of pumpkin.  It was very interesting to carve this pumpkin because the peel was completely different then what I am used to with the regular pumpkins.  This pumpkin peel was so much harder then normal and it took a little more work to get to the meat of the pumpkin to be able to carve this wonderful pumpkin.  The shape and the amount actually carved comes out of that reason that the pumpkin was different… which was actually part of the real cool look that this pumpkin has.

Carving pumpkins is just something personal and with each pumpkin carved I experience something completely different.  With this pumpkin, I felt excited because I was looking forward to seeing the look in the kids faces as I presented the pumpkin to them.  It explains why the pumpkin came out the way it did because there was feeling behind each carving stroke.

Needless to say, the pumpkin was a success at the special needs school and everyone was very happy to see it, specially the kids.

3D Pumpkin Carving Fun 2015

Here is the first 3D pumpkin carving for this year!! I am very excited as this year promises to be a great year in my journey into learning to become better at carving 3D pumpkins. First I would like to thank R.A.M Farms here in Turlock California for providing me with these beautiful pumpkins. I am also to spend some time at their huge yearly pumpkin patch to do a pumpkin carving demonstration! Very exciting for sure! Carving 3D pumpkins can be fun, exciting, and rewarding. When I say rewarding, I mean when I carve 3D pumpkins, I feel relaxed and at home… in my very own world I’ve created in my mind where I go to get my inspiration. It may sound weird to you, but that explains how I start a 3D pumpkin carving not knowing what it’s going to look like and have a nice 3D pumpkin in the end. I also draw my inspiration by watching 3D pumpkin carving videos here on YouTube such as the genius of Ray Villafane. Ray Villafane has been probably the most 3D pumpkin carving artist that has led me to embark in this two year journey I’ve been on. Ray Villafane is simply amazing and all my work is just child’s play compared to his work. That’s why I highly recommend you buy his DVD Tutorial set and his 3D pumpkin carving tools. Below I left the links to Amazon to all Ray Villafane’s Tools and Tutorials.
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Ray Villafane YouTube Channel:

Ray Villafane Pumpkin Carving Tools
Ray Villafane Tutorial Video

Pumpkin carving – Ideas & Tools



When carving pumpkins there are a lot of ways you can look at a pumpkin and see all different and creative ways you can go about to create your master piece.  How you carve your pumpkins can take just as many and exciting ways to do it as well.  Some people use just sticks that they place in strategic places in the pumpkin and call it good.  Can’t call that carving but who cares… it’s about creativity, it’s about having fun!  Some people are more dramatic and choose to use big machinery such as a chain saw or such types of tools, others still yet use hatchets… and so on.  Some even prefer to load them in big huge air canons and shoot them into far away targets or just to see how far can a pumpkin really fly!  Do pumpkins really fly?  Oh yes they really do!  I’ve seen it with my very own eyes.  It’s an impressive and unforgettable sight!

Now for those of you who like to take a more slow process and creative manner of approach to pumpkin carving, there are lots of tools available today in many places.  To begin with there are your friendly neighborhood crafts store which can provide you with a hands on experience where you can handle the tools for yourself and experience what they actually look and feel like.  You would generally find them in the clay carving or carving tool isle.  There are the occasional, not as common, educational supply stores, which can provide you with the same experience.

As for me, I watched YouTube videos and I learned what tools were used by amazing pumpkin carving artists, one of which I call my mentor, Mr. Ray Villafane!  You simply must check his work out.  I am but a babe in comparison to this true artist.  So by going to Amazon and doing a quick search, I found Ray Villafanes tools there and I had to get them for myself.  I also ordered the tutorial DVDs Ray has available there as well, and those were great to teach me the principles that took my pumpkin carving to a whole new level!  I also looked at Ebay and there too you can find many tools and ideas that are surely to inspire you to become a better pumpkin carving artist.

If you remember just one thing about this whole article, I hope that it’s not about the tools, but about having fun and being creative with whatever you do.  If the tools I write about here make you better or help you have that fun I speak about, then more power to you… just remember to HAVE FUN and the rest will fall right into place!

Ebay Pumpkin Carving Tools And Ideas