Paulo Machado 3D Pumpkin Carving – R.A.M. Farms Pumpkin Patch

Another great 3D pumpkin carving this time right out of our very own, very popular R.A.M Pumpkin Patch! It’s nice to be amongst the locals and carve great 3D pumpkins for everyone. Specially the little ones who seem to always be amazed by the work I do. In fact, I was tipped by such a youngster today! I couldn’t believe it!

When carving 3D pumpkins, it takes a lot of patience and dedication. Sometimes the pumpkin seems like it’s working against you right from the get go. As if it doesn’t want to be a 3D pumpkin. What you have to remember is that when carving a 3D pumpkin, one must always keep an eye on the prize, which is, to have fun, lots of fun! Never forget that! Even if the 3D pumpkin carving does not turn out like you would like, have fun with it no mater what! Take my word for it… I’ll see you next video!

To see all the pumpkins I’ve carved so far, visit My Pumpkins page.  In this page I showcase all the pumpkins I’ve done over the years, from the beginning to the latest.

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