New Pumpkin Addition


Creative pumpkin carving is probably not for everyone, but definitely can be done by anyone who wishes to spend time learning the basics.  Carving pumpkins follow a few basic steps:  know where the eyes are going to be; knowing where the tip of the nose is going to be.  Simple!  After that, you are left with carving everything else out of the way.

One thing I do is to watch people’s faces for all different kinds of variances, expressions, looks, and emotions.  I am always constantly on the look out for that face that stands out and how I could make it into a pumpkin carving.  Sometimes I mix and match.  For example, I’ll get someone’s eyes mixed with someone else’s smile or completely and totally out of my imagination.  Whatever works for that instance.  That’s the beauty of carving pumpkins.  You simply have fun and carve something that is completely new and completely out of your imagination along with your life experiences.  It mixes everything that is you and brings it out in a totally different expression through the carved pumpkin.

That is why in this new pumpkin addition to my growing library of pumpkins, I try to just have fun with it and bring out something new and refreshing.  I totally love working in making the teeth stand out.  It is actually easier to me than, let’s say, the eyes.  Even thought time consuming, it is totally worth it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the challenge the eyes bring.  I’ll spend more time working with the eyes than anything else because I believe that the eyes is what makes or breaks the pumpkin carving.  Although in this pumpkin, the mouth area really brought out what this pumpkin was meant to be.