Colusa County Fair Pumpkin Village Festival



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On October 15th and 16th, the Colusa County Fairgrounds had their big Fall event for all to enjoy: The Pumpkin Village Festival!  SEO Jonathan Howard contacted me through my YouTube channel.  Mr. Howard asked me if I would be interested in coming up to Colusa for those two days to do a few pumpkin carving demonstration.  I could not say no!  It sounded like a great opportunity to be able to show my art to a completely new audience who had never heard of me or seen what I do.

The day I arrived, the welcome was warm and I felt very comfortable to be there to do what I do best.  They even had a stage along with bleachers ready for me.  That was great!  We ended up moving to be closer to the entrance but the idea was great!  As day one got started, it was awesome to have so many children come up wanting to touch the pumpkin.  I was very happy to let them get close and touch the pumpkin and answer all their questions.  The main question I heard was “how do you do that?”.  My answer was always the same: “Practice!” “Practice, practice, until you get good at it!” The day ended as rain began pouring down on us.  I pushed through and finished two pumpkins so they would be ready for exhibition the next day!

The second day came with warm sun and some wind.  I began carving the third pumpkin for the weekend.  As I was getting into it, I noticed that this pumpkin was not a good carving pumpkin at all.  But as any live show, the show must go on and I did the best I could with it.  I wasn’t entirely happy with it but there were people who were still commenting positively about it.  I guess that’s all one can hope for, that someone sees the good in your art even when you don’t see it.  And believe me, there are plenty of examples where I don’t see any good in what I just carved, but people so graciously insist that it is good and they enjoy it very much.

I had a great time and I was invited for next year already which I accepted!  I will be looking forward to meet the warm and friendly folks of Colusa again next year!  I will have a video of my experience at the Colusa County Fairgrounds Pumpkin Village coming soon.

Until then, I’ll see you soon.

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