Charity Pumpkin


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Charity Pumpkin is what I called this pumpkin carving.  I carved this pumpkin with the thought in mind to donate it to a special needs school in Ceres, California.  This pumpkin is very special to me for that reason.  Not only that, it also was the first time I carved this variety of pumpkin.  It was very interesting to carve this pumpkin because the peel was completely different then what I am used to with the regular pumpkins.  This pumpkin peel was so much harder then normal and it took a little more work to get to the meat of the pumpkin to be able to carve this wonderful pumpkin.  The shape and the amount actually carved comes out of that reason that the pumpkin was different… which was actually part of the real cool look that this pumpkin has.

Carving pumpkins is just something personal and with each pumpkin carved I experience something completely different.  With this pumpkin, I felt excited because I was looking forward to seeing the look in the kids faces as I presented the pumpkin to them.  It explains why the pumpkin came out the way it did because there was feeling behind each carving stroke.

Needless to say, the pumpkin was a success at the special needs school and everyone was very happy to see it, specially the kids.

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