3D Pumpkin Carving Fun 2015

Here is the first 3D pumpkin carving for this year!! I am very excited as this year promises to be a great year in my journey into learning to become better at carving 3D pumpkins. First I would like to thank R.A.M Farms here in Turlock California for providing me with these beautiful pumpkins. I am also to spend some time at their huge yearly pumpkin patch to do a pumpkin carving demonstration! Very exciting for sure! Carving 3D pumpkins can be fun, exciting, and rewarding. When I say rewarding, I mean when I carve 3D pumpkins, I feel relaxed and at home… in my very own world I’ve created in my mind where I go to get my inspiration. It may sound weird to you, but that explains how I start a 3D pumpkin carving not knowing what it’s going to look like and have a nice 3D pumpkin in the end. I also draw my inspiration by watching 3D pumpkin carving videos here on YouTube such as the genius of Ray Villafane. Ray Villafane has been probably the most 3D pumpkin carving artist that has led me to embark in this two year journey I’ve been on. Ray Villafane is simply amazing and all my work is just child’s play compared to his work. That’s why I highly recommend you buy his DVD Tutorial set and his 3D pumpkin carving tools. Below I left the links to Amazon to all Ray Villafane’s Tools and Tutorials.
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Ray Villafane YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Villafanestudios

Ray Villafane Pumpkin Carving Tools
Ray Villafane Tutorial Video

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