3D Pumpkin Carving Tutorial – Eyes & Mouth

3D Pumpkin Carving tutorial of the eyes and mouth concentrates in the beginning stages of the eyes and the mouth of the carving process. I am proud to present the first 3D pumpkin carving video of the 2017, the next to come out shortly. This pumpkin carving season, I want to put on the teacher hat and help those of you who are interested in learning more about 3D pumpkin carving by creating these simple steps videos covering only a few steps with each video. This will allow the viewer to practice each stage before they go on to more advanced stages of the carving process.
Look forward to the next video where I will concentrate in making the pupil of the eye and maybe even teeth. Be on the lookout for that! Below I’ll have links to Amazon for the tools I use to carve my 3D pumpkin carvings.

Pumpkin Carving Tools
Pumpkin Carving Video Tutorials
Triangle Carving Tools











To see all the pumpkins I’ve carved so far, visit My Pumpkins page.  In this page I showcase all the pumpkins I’ve done over the years, from the very beginning to the latest.

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Also if you want to check out professional pumpkin carving videos, check out the following channels:
Ray Villafane

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