3D Pumpkin Carving – How To Carve Eyes – [EXCERPT]

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In this tutorial you will learn step by step how to carve eyes in great detail on a 3D pumpkin! This 3D pumpkin carving tutorial covers the basic principles needed to carve the perfect 3D pumpkin eyes. These principles can be applied to any 3D pumpkin. This is the perfect 3D pumpkin tutorial to beginners helping avoid beginners mistakes. You can also use the links below to the perfect tools needed to carve the perfect 3D pumpkin!

To see all the pumpkins I’ve carved so far, visit My Pumpkins page.  In this page I showcase all the pumpkins I’ve done over the years, from the beginning to the latest.

Corn Maze Drone Video
209 Magazine Facebook Page
Turlock Ram Farms Facebook Page

The Tools I use:

Pumpkin Carving Tools
Pumpkin Carving Video Tutorials
Triangle Carving Tools

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