3D Pumpkin Carver – Good Day Sacramento 

This is how started my day yesterday!  Good Day Sacramento, Ericka So invited me to demonstrate my skills on live TV and I was honored to do so!  It was a rainy morning when I arrived at Keema’s Pumpkin Patch.  With the weather being as it was, I wasn’t sure we were even going to get on TV.  When Ericka arrived, she didn’t even blink an eye and started to look for a place to set up a table where we would carve the pumpkins.  Twenty minutes later we were live on Good Day Sacramento and everything went without a hitch!  The video above was about an hour and a half later! I carved as fast as I could and the results were far from what I could of done with more time, none the less it was fun and I had a great time!  As Ericka and I carved away, shoulder to shoulder, each came up with unique pumpkin faces even as Ericka was trying to copy what I was doing it still came with its own flavor as you can see below.

I would like to thank Ericka So and Good Day Sacramento  for checking out what I do!  I just hope more people out there who saw the show who were thinking in starting to carve awesome pumpkins that they were inspired to get started.  It’s easy!  If Ericka and I can do it so can you!

If you would like to know more about how to carve 3D pumpkins head on out to my Tools page where I show the type of tools I use to carve my pumpkins.  I also have a couple tutorials where you can watch me carve step by step and give you an idea how I carve the pumpkins as well. Just visit my 3D Pumpkin Carving Videos page.

The key, my friends, is to never give up and always try new things until you are satisfied with “yourself” not the pumpkin.  What the pumpkin looks like is just the after affect!

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