209 Magazine Interview – Paulo Machado The Pumpkin Carver

Turlock Journal’s 209 Magazine invited me to come out and show them the art of 3D pumpkin carving for their October issue. So on September 11th 2017, Angie and the 209 Magazine crew met up with me for a small demonstration. I showed them from how I pick my pumpkins to how I carve the eyes and the teeth. It was really fun to teach Angie how to carve her pumpkin. It shows that anyone who puts some effort into it can carve a 3D pumpkin. The story and the video are coming out the first week of October. If you’re on Facebook, look for the 209 Magazine Page and follow the story there. I’ll leave the link below in the description.

The pumpkins you see in this video were made possible by the famous Turlock Ram Farms which opened their Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze this past September 29th and will run through October 31st. If you’re from Turlock or surrounding areas, be sure to visit and check out their amazing pumpkins, corn maze, and haunted house. Which by the way, I’ve made a drone video that show’s the corn maze pattern. Look for the link below. I will be there the last two Sundays of October, the 22nd and 29th performing 3D pumpkin carving demonstrations! So don’t be shy, come and see what I do best and who knows maybe you’ll end up in one of my famous YouTube videos. Be sure to visit their Facebook page for more information. I’ll have the link below as well.

To see all the pumpkins I’ve carved so far, visit My Pumpkins page.  In this page I showcase all the pumpkins I’ve done over the years, from the very beginning to the latest.

Corn Maze Drone Video
209 Magazine Facebook Page
Turlock Ram Farms Facebook Page

The Tools I use:

Pumpkin Carving Tools
Pumpkin Carving Video Tutorials
Triangle Carving Tools

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